DIY – Make a Fabric Flower

A little bit of DIY on the blog today, with a great fabric flower to make yourself (and it’s really easy).

I’ve made fabric flowers in the past, experimenting with different fabrics, and I’ve found that the burned edge flowers work best using fabric that has some nylon or polyester in it, as this makes the edges melt rather than burn – see the flower below I’ve made using satin.

It’s actually really simple – first, cut out shapes from your fabric.  They don’t have to be perfectly shaped, but make a range of sizes.

Then using a candle to gently singe the edges, hold the fabric above the flame and slowly turn.  I tend to be a little cautious with this and gradually hold it closer until the edges melt and curl.

Then it’s just a matter of layering the petals to create a nice flower, I usually sew a button into the middle to hold the layers and finish off with a pearl or diamante buckle.

Use them as brooches, shoe clips, to decorate bags, haircombs, birdcage veils and more.

If you head on over to the blog of Of Good Report they give you the full instructions on how to make these lovely flowers.

Here are some more flowers for inspiration – happy crafting!


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