Vintage Inspired Flowergirl Baskets

I enjoyed researching the last post on flowergirls and ringbearers so much that I thought I’d continue the theme!  Today I’m going to have a look at some vintage-styled alternatives to a traditional flowergirl ‘basket’.

When thinking of what your flowergirl might carry, generally it’s something that can hold petals or whatever you are wanting your flowergirl to ‘scatter’.  Or it may be that she doesn’t need to scatter anything so she could be holding anything really (which is a whole other post in itself!).

But today I’ll focus on baskets or containers for your flowergirl.  It depends on whether you are wanting rustic or vintage – for rustic, think woven or wicker baskets, birds nests and tin pails or a little birdcage.  For vintage old vintage tins, elaborate lace and beaded baskets, vintage handbags or little suitcases spring to mind.  Here are some ideas I found on the internet.

This pail with it’s heart blackboard is perfect for a rustic wedding.  It’s from etsy seller Rusticblend

A vintage tin can work well, such as this vintage honey tin over at The Loveliest DayA burlap (hessian) flowergirl basket by Nutfield Weaver perfect for rustic weddings

Available at Vintage Wedding Style, Beverly Clark’s The Luxe Collection flowergirl basket which features beautiful lace and beading

A sweet rustic/outdoors birds nest inspired basket from etsy seller braggingbags

And finally, isn’t this Dior inspired flowergirl basket adorable?  It’s from Weddings a la Parisienne.


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