I’ve been inspired today by some sweet little macaron trinket boxes that I’ve recently come across.  These gorgeous little boxes look just like macarons but are made of plastic and are hinged to store trinkets inside – perfect bridesmaid’s gifts!

So I thought I’d have a look at some other ways you can use macarons in your French-inspired wedding.

Macarons (or macaroons in English) are a meringue style biscuit with a filling.  The perfect macaron has a crispy outside and soft inside.

Made popular by the French bakery Laduree, they’ve gained in popularity in recent years.Probably the first thing I think of with weddings is to have a macaron tower for the wedding cake.

We all know that dessert buffets are really popular, so why not add some macarons!  I love the pastel colours of this buffet.

Or macaron ‘pops’ for your dessert buffet

A box of macarons is a great idea for a wedding favour.

Or they can make unique (and delicious!) place settings.

These stunning handpainted macarons by Lou Lou P’s Delights would make a lovely gift for guests or bridesmaids.

Or they would make for a unique and special proposal!