Vintage Ring Bearers

I’ve previously posted on ring bearers, flowergirls, and items for flowergirls to carry, so I thought I’d finish off this mini-series with items that your ring bearers might carry.

Of course ring bearers are just what the name implies – they are there to carry your rings down the aisle.  And traditionally this is a pillow with ribbons that tie and hold the rings so they don’t get lost along the way.

So I thought I’d have a look at some vintage-styled options they might carry to ‘bear the ring’.

There are many vintage styled variations on the ring pillow, as pillows can be made from many different styles of fabric – burlap or hessian or lace being great options.

But there are also other options than a pillow, so today I’ll have a look at some items you might consider.

Vintage books tied with ribbon

And more vintage books tied with twine

Or a book with a hidden cut out inside – I had someone ask me recently where to purchase one of these and the only similar book I could find was on etsy.  But possibly fairly easy to make yourself.

A shabby chic ring pillow – perfect for a garden wedding (and easy to make yourself!)

A pretty clay dish from etsy seller accessory8

A birds nest – perfect for a garden wedding

And finally, a floral ring pillow from Vintage Wedding Style