Marie Antoinette Wedding Inspiration

As some of you may know, I’ve just returned from Paris and had a wonderful tour of Versailles.  The tour guide talked a lot about Marie Antoinette, and we saw her separate ‘hamlet’ and Petit Trianon where she spent much of her time.  Since then, I’ve gone a bit mad over Marie Antoinette, and am hoping to do a lot of reading into her history.

To start things off, I thought I’d indulge in some Marie Antoinette wedding inspiration – I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

If you are planning this theme for your wedding, use lots of pastel colours (pink, green, blue, yellow, gold), and the styling will need to include lots of embellishments – lace, pearls and glitz.  Use lots of draping for your linen, glittery candelabra, old fashioned pastel roses, fans and parasols.

For your dress, go for something very elaborate, such as this style by Stella de Libero.

Etsy seller Paper Nosh has created this gorgeous Marie Antoinette stationery (amongst many other lovely designs).  And I just love this amazing wedding cake, the colours, the detail and patterns – very ‘Marie Antoinette’!

Pretty Marie Antoinette inspired shoes:

This is an image from the 2006 film ‘Marie Antoinette’ I just love the wallpaper in this image – wouldn’t this be perfect for a photo booth backdrop?

This inspiration board from Swashbuckle the Aisle kind of sums it all up – pastels, crystals, gathers, swirls and gold.


Using grey in your vintage wedding

Grey is one of my favourite colours, and I have to confess to having a lot of grey in my wardrobe – it’s just such a versatile colour.  It works with so many other colours, which is why it’s one of my favourites for weddings, and perfect for shabby chic weddings.

Teamed with pink or yellow it adds a softness and warmth to any colour scheme.  It’s also a great backdrop to highlight your other colours.

Some ideas for adding grey to your wedding include having grey bridesmaids dresses, grey table linen, incorporate grey into your invitations and using succulents in your bouquets.

I’ll leave you with some lovely inspiration…

Vintage Ring Bearers

I’ve previously posted on ring bearers, flowergirls, and items for flowergirls to carry, so I thought I’d finish off this mini-series with items that your ring bearers might carry.

Of course ring bearers are just what the name implies – they are there to carry your rings down the aisle.  And traditionally this is a pillow with ribbons that tie and hold the rings so they don’t get lost along the way.

So I thought I’d have a look at some vintage-styled options they might carry to ‘bear the ring’.

There are many vintage styled variations on the ring pillow, as pillows can be made from many different styles of fabric – burlap or hessian or lace being great options.

But there are also other options than a pillow, so today I’ll have a look at some items you might consider.

Vintage books tied with ribbon

And more vintage books tied with twine

Or a book with a hidden cut out inside – I had someone ask me recently where to purchase one of these and the only similar book I could find was on etsy.  But possibly fairly easy to make yourself.

A shabby chic ring pillow – perfect for a garden wedding (and easy to make yourself!)

A pretty clay dish from etsy seller accessory8

A birds nest – perfect for a garden wedding

And finally, a floral ring pillow from Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage Flowergirls and Ringbearers

Today I’m going to have a look at how you might dress the little ones for your vintage wedding.  They may be little, but their outfits are just as important in styling your wedding!

This gorgeous flower girl dress is by Etsy seller Stephanie Renick, and I love the ringbearer’s outfit as well.

This look is lovely for an older flowergirl – love the teapot as an alternative to a basket.  Image from Georgia Watson Events.

And for ringbearers – a waistcoat and braces are perfect for a vintage feel. Image from Vintage Protea Bride.

A lovely vintage ringbearer cushion.  Image from The Blushing Bride

And lastly, this sweet picture from Style Me Pretty.



Burlap and Lace

I’m really loving the combination of lace and burlap (or hessian as we call it in Australia) at the moment.  It’s perfect for rustic or vintage weddings and there’s something about the prettiness of the lace and the rough texture of the burlap that works so well.

So I thought I’d have a little hunt on Etsy (my favourite haunt for lovely products) for ‘burlap and lace’ to share with you today.  Check it out – I hope you find some inspiration for your rustic celebration.

This burlap and lace bouquet wrap from MagnoliaWestEvents is so pretty with the ruffles around the centre of the wrap.

This lovely ring pillow features a lace overlay and is by etsy seller SONYA.

This guest book by seller creativelykept features green accents – perfect for a garden wedding.

Twitterpate is the creator of this sweet burlap and lace boutonniere, love it!

Lace and burlap wraps for jars make a great decoration for table centerpieces by seller justforkeeps

And finally, a beautiful lace and burlap bouquet from HappyBlooms

Pink and Turquoise Wedding Theme

I came across this pretty colour theme this week on Weddings by Lilly and I have to say, it’s not normally colours I’d put together myself, but it works so well.  I think the blue glass is lovely and these two colours together are just perfect for a vintage or shabby chic wedding.

I’ve never seen blue or turquoise glass – not a lot came up when I searched ebay either so may have to hunt around for it.  Another idea might be a DIY project I’ve come across which I’ll post in the next few days – you can colour glass jars or vases any colour you want.

Anyhow, for now enjoy these gorgeous pink and torquoise pics.

Vintage Indiana 1960s Wedding

I felt like some true vintage inspiration today – like so many others, I feature so many ‘rustic’ weddings which of course have a few vintage touches, but aren’t vintage in the true sense of the word.  So I had a little look around and found this pretty 1960s inspired wedding over at Ruffled Blog – I hope you enjoy a touch of the 1960s!  Head on over to Ruffled Blog for more lovely pics.